How to Start a Blog or Website to Make Money

Blogs were initially meant to be online journals where the bloggers could share their entries with group of people or the whole world. Nowadays while it still kept its initial role, a blog is meant mostly to be used as a monetization tool. Be it a business wanting a marketing platform, or content writers and publishers offering advertisements areas, the main role of a blog is to offer information to the visitors and make money in some way of another. This aspect of blogging was further highlighted with the advent of great blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogspot and Joomla as well as their viral, handy and customized plugins, according to Blog Creation Experts.

How to Start a Blog For Free

Once you install the software for the theme and layout that you will be using, you must choose your domain name. You should also choose tags at this time so that you can be searchable through the search engines that most people use. You will have to manage all of the user and reader accounts and try to migrate toward those that add substance to your blog. You want to accomplish ahving something that a reader should have enjoyed and that covers all of the topics and ideas that you have featured. You should have conversations that engage that reader and show in an SEO search or RSS feed on Facebook or on Tumblr.


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